Chocolate Bars - 4-Pack


The gift that keeps on giving! Indulge in Temper Pastry's delicious variety of chocolate bars. Can't choose just one for your gift recipient? You're in luck! The Chocolate Bar 4-Pack Gift Pack is sure to put a smile on his/her face as they have they have more than one option and enough to fill their sweet tummies! 


This 4-Pack includes:


  • 70% Guanaja Dark Chocolate: provides an extraordinary bitterness while revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes with a complex range of fruit, coffee, molasses and floral notes
  • Smoked Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate: sweet, crunchy toffee bits and a hint of smoked sea salt; made with 72% Araguani chocolate stemmed from Venezuelan cocoa beans, it can be compared to a great wine with high tannins and a long lasting finish on the palate; it has flavors of currants and chestnuts with hints of honey and fresh baked bread.
  • Hazelnut Milk Chocolate: made with Valrhona 35% Azelia chocolate; creamy and smooth with a hint of hazelnuts blended into the chocolate
  • London Fog: made with Valrhona Opalys 33% White Chocolate and Earl Grey tea powder creamy with some tiny sugar textures and the essence of bergamont



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