Coast to Coast


Take your taste buds on a trip across Canada! From the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean to the Maple Forests of Québec to the Pacific Wild Salmon, this basket will satisfy any Canadian craving!
This basket includes:
  • SeaChange Smoked Salmon Cedar Box 
  • Three Farmers BBQ Chickpeas 
  • The Canadian Birch Co. Q Sauce 
  • Epicea Maple Scot Pine Vinaigrette 
  • Amola Caesar Rim Salt
  • Gourmet Sauvage Wild Rose Syrup  
  • Salish Sea Chocolate Crow Bar
  • Rub That Rubs Halifax Donair Rub 
  • Canada True Maple Syrup Lollipop
  • John Russell Creamed Saskatoon Berry Honey 
  • Newfoundland Sea Salt 
  • Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Syrup 
  • Canada True Maple Lollipop 
  • WineCrush's Merlot Winecrisps 


PLEASE NOTE: Items in basket may vary/be substituted for items of similar retail value depending on availability.

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