Local Business Spotlight: Sips Cocktail Emporium September 13 2016

Our newest and coolest (and probably most refreshing) partner business is here: Sips Cocktail Emporium! We're excited to have Sips join us in Vancouver as their products make fabulous new home, and wedding gifts. Not to mention the perfect birthday gifts for aspiring mixologists and budding bartenders! They offer an impressive and unique selection of home bartending equipment, drinkware, accessories, ingredients, and recipes. 



Since opening Sips in 2014, Sips owners Darcy and Jordie are happy to be part of the Vancouver community, and pride themselves on their values. "We’re about supporting others who we know and who live close by. We’re about living by our values, and demanding value, in everything we offer. We’re about making friends and building community, because here is where our heart is." - Owners Darcy and Jordie




We're thrilled to have Sips join us and offer some of their premium gift sets for local gift delivery in Vancouver. Check out their current collection on Givopoly, and be sure to use the discount code GoodSips during checkout to receive 10% off! 


Home Bartender's Starter Gift Pack

Know someone who needs the tools to get started? An aspiring mixologist or experimenting wannabe bartender?






Scrappy's Classic Bitters Gift Pack

Four of the most versatile bitters flavours for most classic cocktails and for the beginner home bartender or aspiring mixologist.






Gin and Tonic Gift Pack

Use the one-of-a-kind elixir kit to infuse your own gin, then mix it with Bowman Tonic syrup and some club soda for the best version of this classic cocktail!






Scrappy's Exotic Bitters Gift Pack

Four delicious and more experimental bitters flavours for cocktail enthusiasts and home mixologists.






Old Fashioned Gift Pack

This is the perfect gift for the Old Fashioned lover in your life.







Bittered Sling Gift Pack


Six flavours from Vancouver's oldest and most prolific bitters company, Bittered Sling. Flavours range from versatile classics to experimental tinctures for cocktail lovers of any level.