Gift Baskets for the Office November 09 2016


Between deadlines at work, meetings with clients, and shuffling the kids off to soccer practice in between, finding time to buy gifts for your boss, co-workers, or even a snack for the office party can be exhausting just to think about. Well, let us at Givopoly save you time and energy by giving you the perfect selection of food baskets that will suit just about any work-related gift that you may need.


Old Fashioned Gift Pack

Maybe it’s your boss, or even your assistant at the office – if you’ve got an Old Fashioned lover at work, Sips Cocktail Emporium wraps up the perfect bundle of ingredients (minus the booze) for some Old Fashion appreciation. Wrapped up inside the Old Fashioned Gift Pack, you’re recipient will find a bottle of Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters, a jar of wild Italian cherries, a bottle of Vancouver-based Cahoots simple syrup, and of course, an Old Fashioned Lover recipe card to create the perfect cocktail.


Local Gourmet Gift Basket

Looking for something for the hippest employee in the office? Trendy and cool is the name of the game for the Hipster Basics Gift Basket by Edible Canada. From a mason jar, to East Van Jam, to gourmet crackers, chocolate, and even cotton candy – it’s the perfect gift for any co-worker who appreciates the latest local trends.


Room Service Gift Basket

Of course, sometimes your line of work might require you to dish out a gift of appreciation for a client or two. Edible Canada’s Room Service Gift Basket has all you need and more. With artisan crisps, delicious chocolate, honey, nuts and brittle, this basket will convey your appreciation in an elegant and professional display that will have them remembering your name when they require more business in the future.


Industry Social Gift Basket

Contribute to the office party with an impressive display of gourmet goods that your co-workers can snack on, with the Industry Social Gift Basket. Edible Canada provides you with the easiest way to present your contribution to the party by taking it up a notch from your average snack, all the while supporting great, local artisan businesses in the Vancouver area.

Whatever your industry, and whomever you need to buy for at work, gift baskets are the ultimate way to ease the process of finding appropriate gifts for anyone. Jump online and select your favourite holiday gift baskets before your office party! You can even have your baskets shipped and delivered right to you (or your office) in the Vancouver area!