Best baked goods delivered in Vancouver August 10 2018

Vancouver is a unique potpourri of hundreds of cultures and nationalities. The local artisan plethora only works to strengthen Vancouver's cultural diversity. Givopoly Vancouver has partnered with some of the best local vendors to bring you the very best in local and unique gourmet gift baskets reflective of the city's vast tapestry.

Looking for gifts to send to your friends from Lebanon and Iran? We got you covered! Take a look at some of our top choices in gourmet gift baskets from Vancouver's very best local artists. We have gifts for every occasion: Eid al-Fitr, Baalbeck, Zouk Mikael, Byblos, Jounieh, Norooz, Chahrshanbe Souri, Sizdeh Bedar, Mehregan, Sadeh, Tirgan, Shab e Cheleh or Yalda - you name it we have it!


1 The gluten free Apple-Cinnamon Pie

This gluten free baked good is locally made in Vancouver with tender love and care. Panne Rizo pays special attention to dietary needs to ensure a top-quality product suited to their customers. Ideal for a summer birthday, the delicious Apple Cinnamon Pie is a tasty gift for celebrations of all kinds – a baked good that is sure to sweeten your summer!

vancouver baked goods delivery

2.Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cupcakes

Speaking of gluten-free, we have more of those gift options for baked goods delivery in Vancouver. Show your sensitivity and surprise and delight with gluten-free and dairy-free cupcakes! Choose from the delicious flavors of Chocolate campfire, Vanilla Raspberry & Chocolate Coconut by Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery.

vancouver baked goods delivery


3. Coconut Cherry Dream Squares

Try our “Coconut Cherry Dream Squares” this summer! This (mouth watering) baked good is the perfect gift for to curb someone’s sweet tooth.  Locally made in Vancouver, this treat by Panne Rizo is gluten free and comes in a pack of 8 squares per box - share some love this summer with these delicious squares.

vancouver baked goods delivery

4. Rocky Road Squares

Why not try a little slice of heaven this summer? These Rocky Road Squares are locally made and ready for some festivities! Perfect to bring along to a birthday or celebration, this baked good is gluten free and among Vancouver’s tastiest baked goods – find out why!  

vancouver baked goods delivery


5. Gluten Free Macarons

In a cookie cutter world, be a macaron! Gift this box of gluten-free macarons to someone special and show them how sweet they are! Vancouver's most loved baked good!

vancouver baked goods delivery

Take a look at Panne Rizo's collection for more amazing baked goods gift ideas. Vancouver partners with many amazing local artisans to bring you the best of local goods. Take a look at our chocolate and birthday collections.