All About The New Baby: Vancouver Gifts September 19 2016


Somehow it went from wedding season immediately into baby season, it’s funny how that works! Givopoly was there for you Vancouver when you needed the perfect wedding gift and of course we’re here for you now with unique baby gifts that are sure to make everyone smile.



For Baby!

Babies are constantly looking for something to hold and cuddle. They love to feel comforted and what better way to comfort them than to gift them a bonding doll. This specially designed cloth bunny buddy is the perfect toy for any new baby, with a soft lightweight body and easy-to-hold hands and feet.

The bonding doll by Peppa Organic, available through Giving Gifts & Company, is designed to have the comforting scents of home absorb into it to provide a constant comfort for baby no matter where they are. Available in yellow, blue or pink, this bonding dolly is perfect for every baby. Give the baby in your life a friend they can carry around for years to come.



For Mamma!

Having a baby is hard work. Not only the actual birthing process, but having to nurture and care for a tiny human 24/7 as soon as they enter the world. Moms don’t complain or regret their job positions, but they do get tired. So think ahead to that tired mamma and get her the essentials she will need to cope with the new way of life – in the form of scrumptious snacks!

The Essential Vancouver Gift Basket gives the new mamma a taste of delicious Vancouver in a beautiful wooden crate. The crate can easily be repurposed to hold diapers or blankets and will be a beautiful addition to any household! The basket, provided by Edible Canada, comes equipped with local chocolates, jams and snack foods which will be greatly appreciated when mamma doesn’t want to get up and make a snack herself!



For Mamma and Baby!

The New Baby Giving Crate is a wonderful way to say, “Welcome home, mamma and baby!” Stuffed with all sorts of comforts for both moms and babies, this gift basket will put a smile on everyone’s face. With beautiful soft toys for baby, and baby’s first blocks for the future scholar in them, the New Baby Giving Crate by Giving Gifts & Company is a work of art.

Grace mom and baby with a fun surprise by sending a Givopoly gift directly to the happy home; a gift they will surely be talking about for years to come!